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SMD Capabilities

Our “Lead Free” SMT production line is a state-of-the-art, in-line, semi-automated process. Generally we use Tin/Silver/Copper solder alloy in all solder processes which are also “no clean”.

DEK 248 Semi automatic Printer With various steel & polyurethane squeegee blades for printing fine pitch solder paste or Glue Dots for adhesive/flowsolder of SMT.

Promass PCB Cassette Handler/Loader Cassette loading to automatically load printed PCB’s onto the production line.

2 x Multitroniks i10 Pick and Place machines.
Connected sequentially (in-line) to double assembly capacity. We build half the PCB on each machine - this doubles SMT capacity as well as providing machine redundancy (in the unlikely event one machine has a problem, we can continue production using the other machine).
• High accuracy, high flexibility for chip components down to 0402, SOIC, PLCC, TSOP, QFP 52mmSQ (0.3mm pitch) and self teach for odd-form components.
• Dual gantry / linear pick-up head configuration. Both pick-up heads fitted with 3 fixed tele-tools & 2 interchangeable toolbank tools.

• Pneumatic tape feeders of various sizes with Auto tape feeder characterisation.

• Component vision alignment system.
• Built-in camera system with auto fiducial mark learning.

2 metre PCB handling conveyor.  Here we have the opportunity for manual placement, insertion, or inspection of PCB before passing on to the next stage.

Dima Passaat 8 zone Convection oven. 4 below and 4 above zones computer controlled for process repeatability. We are able to reflow solder paste or cure adhesive ready for mixed technology flowsolder.

Blundell CMS400D Flowsolder machine. dual ‘chip’ wave solder nozzles - SMD capable. Lead free process.