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Fringe CMS - Contract Manufacturing Services

Fringe CMS commenced Contract Electronics Manufacture (CEM) services  in 1993 with a design and build project for a key supplier in the leisure industry. That customer is still using Fringe to exclusively manufacture that part of his product range. This fact speaks volumes about our production quality and customer service.

We have also provided Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for radio electronics for alarms, personal maritime survival beacons, low power wireless modules and a warden call fob. These are ongoing jobs with repeat orders from our existing customers.

Our Electronics production facility in Clipstone, Nottinghamshire was purpose built to our own manufacturing requirements. It is modern and well equipped with the ability to process surface mount, through hole, (by hand) and mixed technology with glue and flow solder. The surface mount line has a maximum capacity of 160,000 placements in an 8 hour shift (2 machines at 10,000cph).

We are happy to offer a turnkey solution to your assembly needs and are confident that using our bulk component purchasing power to source components for your project will enable us to pass these savings on to you. We are also happy to use components that are free issued to us. We always provide a segregated storage facility for customer supplied components. In reality, what happens in many instances is a mixture of both free issued and in-house procurement occurs.

We must not forget the people factor in our production facility, we are a skilful, well trained and happy work force and Fringe enjoys very low staff turnover.

All our processes are ROHS compliant and our forward planning ensured that we were 6 months ahead of the official date. Factory visits can be arranged for interested parties, please contact us.